There is a high demand for quality horses, this year We have been doing quite well in selling horse

It´s not always easy for people to find top quality in the masses

Being offered.

For people needing more than average talent we have: IS2012282738 - Þrenna at the young age of only 4 years

She is showing great talent, is eager high moving, but Þrenn´s main quality is her temperament,

with that eagerness at that young age!! Will be a great competition horse.

Þrenna has very strong breeding lines, ideal for people that need

a competition horse, and later a breeding mare.

Sire: IS2002187812 - Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A

FF : IS1996187336 - Töfri frá Kjartansstöðum

FM : IS1984287021 - Bryðja frá Húsatóftum

Dam: IS1991258300 - Þröm frá Hólum

DF : IS1979158390 - Viðar frá Viðvík

DD : IS1985257801 - Þrenna frá Hólum

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