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Thór-Steinn became famous long before he was shown.

But we were very unlucky, he injured himself, on a electric

Wire and cut himself when he was only 4 years old.

It has taken many years, to slowly train him, carefully,

With the intention of being sure, he will recover.

Moreover, that we did, and now we know he is fully recovered.

It was beyond our wildest dreams, to see him competing,

And to get the scores he received was more than we had

Hoped for.

Having the strength of a 5 year old, having only been trained

Slowly and getting the 2-3 highest score of a Stallion this year

without Showing pace was wonderful.

We are now offering his brother, for sale, looks very much like

his brother, very good movements, good looking also!

IS2015182341 - Þari frá Kjartansstöðum

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